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RK-50SP Eco
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The RK-50SP is a proven and cost effective alternative to spin-spin models. With Pneudraulic technology, you can apply rivetnuts with speed and consistency improving overall quality of the riveted components. The quick change mandrel and nose piece significantly reduces downtime and doesn’t require any tools to change from one thread setup, to another. The convenient carry case contains any critical spare parts and the appropriate lubricant. Adjustment of the air pressure (power) is at the underside of the intensifier and can be gage controlled. If unauthorized adjustments occur in your plant, we offer a lockout kit, which hides the adjustments from the operator, but, provides access to those who have authorization.

Capability Range: (6-32 to 1/2-13″) M4-M12
Force: 6,565 lbsF
Stroke: .276″
Weight: 5.5lbs